OptifiNow Provides Wholesale Lender with a Holistic Solution for Successful CRM Utilization

by Linn Cook 18 Jul 2022

SEAL BEACH, CA, July 18, 2022 – OptifiNow announced today the successful implementation of their CRM and marketing automation platform with Frisco, Texas-based Emporium TPO to assist their sales and marketing operations. Emporium TPO chose OptifiNow because of their extensive experience with wholesale mortgage lending and the level of support they provide their clients. “We knew OptifiNow had an effective CRM, but their White Glove support allowed us to mobilize and scale our sales team faster than we expected,” said Christine Abrams, Emporium TPO Sales Manager.

Emporium TPO is a non-QM wholesale lender headed by mortgage banking veterans Steve Nadon and Daniel Goodwin. The lender has goals to grow quickly by hiring the right people and using technology that is functional but cost-effective. “We chose OptifiNow because they are not like other CRM vendors,” said Abrams. “Every part of our process was mapped and configured into OptifiNow by their staff. They handled everything. We interact with OptifiNow as if they are an internal team.”

OptifiNow manages Emporium TPO’s CRM platform daily, meeting with the lender weekly to provide status updates and gather feedback. “This is what we call White Glove support,” said John McGee, CEO of OptifiNow. “We manage data uploads, user configuration changes, training, technical support and anything else our clients need. Why hire internal resources when OptifiNow includes maintenance services with the CRM? The result is faster implementation, better user adoption and improved productivity at a lower total cost of ownership.”

A major value-add is OptifiNow’s ability to create ultra-efficient sales workflows with custom integrations to Emporium TPO’s loan origination system (LOS), VOIP phone system and pricing engine. “We want to make it as easy as possible for our Account Executives to reach out to brokers and promote our loan products,” said Abrams. “OptifiNow integrated all of our sales and marketing tools into one system, unifying the processes and the data we need to perform at a high level.”

Building a wholesale lending operation is difficult, but Emporium TPO is grateful they have a good partner for their sales and marketing. “OptifiNow is so much more than just CRM software,” said Abrams. “We rely on them to keep our sales operations running smoothly and help execute our marketing campaigns. We are happy we made the decision to partner with OptifiNow.”

About OptifiNow

OptifiNow is a cloud-based provider of customized sales management and marketing automation software. OptifiNow’s platform consists of multiple modules that are fully integrated to provide companies with a configurable solution that adapts to virtually any type of sales environment, from high volume call center operations to face-to-face sales engagements. OptifiNow delivers their solutions using a unique White Glove service model that significantly reduces implementation time, lowers the cost of maintenance and increases user adoption. Visit www.optifinow.com or call (888) 746-6743 to learn more.

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