Boost Sales Performance with CRM: Insights for Sales Managers

In the dynamic world of wholesale lending, sales managers face the perpetual challenge of elevating their team’s performance and navigating the intricacies of careful decision-making. Today’s highly competitive wholesale market...

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Unlock Sales Success Across Multiple Channels with Our Versatile CRM Solution

Are you a mortgage lender eager to expand your origination efforts and reach new horizons through a multitude of channels? Do you find it increasingly difficult to effectively manage diverse...

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Say Goodbye to Outdated Methods: Wholesale Lenders Need a Modern CRM Solution

The wholesale lending landscape is undergoing a seismic shift and those who choose to cling to outdated processes risk being left behind. Modern CRM technology like OptifiNow offers a comprehensive...

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7 Killer Strategies for Wholesale Sales Management

Are you a wholesale mortgage lender looking to boost your loan volume and increase revenue? One key factor in achieving these goals is effective account executive management. By optimizing the...

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Finding the Ideal CRM: Key Considerations for Multi-Channel Mortgage Lending

As a multi-channel mortgage lender, you understand the importance of having a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that meets the unique needs of your different business units. Off-the-shelf CRMs are...

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Why the answer to Wholesale Mortgage Sales & Marketing success in 2023 is less, not more

The wholesale mortgage industry in the first quarter of 2023 is experiencing significant headwinds. Even with four weeks of decreasing mortgage rates, volume has been unstable. As a result, more...

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