The Who, What and Why of API Integration for the Mortgage Industry

We have too many acronyms in our language today, 2-3 characters representations of highly complex terms have become the norm. CRM, API, POS, LOS, HR, EHM, ABM, ERP, SDK –...

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A Mortgage Sales & Marketing Platform Designed to Accelerate Leads to Closed Loan Conversions

Definitions: CRM – Customer Relationship Management Marketing Automation – Automating all marketing functions from lead management, lead nurturing, email marketing, social media management and much more Why Should Mortgage Lenders...

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What Makes a Mortgage CRM Worth Your Investment

Is this YOU? Are you a Mortgage Loan Officer with a terrible, inefficient CRM program? Is it holding back your performance? Do you want a simple and effective Mortgage CRM...

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Implementing a Lead Management System is Deceptively Difficult

Are you frustrated with your lead management software? Implementing a lead management system is deceptively difficult. On the face of it, all a lead management or a CRM does is...

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Salesforce CRM App Exchange Shows the Benefit of OptifiNow

  The Salesforce CRM App exchange proves that CRM is not enough, which is why Optifinow has a pre-integrated approach to Sales & Marketing Automation. Optifinow's Company History Twenty-one years...

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How CRM and Marketing Automation Bridges Marketing and Sales for Mortgage Lenders

Why do mortgage lenders have a hard time bridging marketing and sales? The concept is simple enough. Create marketing messages that resonate with borrowers (or brokers, if you’re a wholesaler),...

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