In Honor of National Salesperson Day

There are millions of Americans working in the sales industry. Even if your title is not Director of Sales or Sales Representative, it does not mean that you are not...

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Study Shows More Sales Jobs for New Grads in 2015

As graduation season approaches, there is good news for college seniors who have not yet landed a job. The number of permanent, full-time job opportunities for recent grads has increased...

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OptifiNow Announces the Introduction of a Lead and Referral Management Solution Tailored to the $35B Addiction Treatment Center Marketplace

OptifiNow.ATC  manages and tracks every prospective client from inbound calls to Verification of Benefits, Assessment and Admission from its simple, intuitive  and integrated cloud based solution. LOS ANGELES. CA –...

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SaaS in the Pharmaceutical Industry Part 2

Here is the second part of my thoughts from last week’s initial blog post about the article on the use of SaaS in the pharmaceutical industry. The article was written...

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SaaS in the Pharmaceutical Industry

I came across an interesting article the other day and I am going to share it over two blog posts.  The article was written in PharmaVOICE and was titled Software as...

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Lessons Small Businesses Can Take from Big Companies to Improve Sales

Often, small businesses are strapped for resources, both human and financial. Owners and employees usually fill many roles – CEO, CFO, human resources, IT, business development, marketing and one of...

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