We’re here to redefine selling. With our sales and process automation tools, we empower companies to build tailored sales processes that drive sales success.

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A Single Touchpoint For All Your Sales Needs

Making Sales Work For You

We believe that sales should be simple. We develop tailored solutions that dramatically improve how businesses approach every aspect of the sales process – today and tomorrow. Through listening, learning, solving and innovating, we’re transforming how our customers sell.

OptifiNow is a cloud-based sales and process automation software platform designed to address the changing needs of today’s sales force. A single integrated platform, it brings together all of the software tools and features you need in one central place. Flexible and intuitive, it’s the ultimate solution for mid- to large-size sales teams and distributed sales organizations.

“Essentially the OptifiNow platform allows companies to create an automated sales process that replicates what top sales people have been doing within their companies for years. Dashboard driven analytics and reporting provided allows a company to continuously improve its process without IT involvement. OptifiNow companies can transform the sales process into guided, best practice steps that deliver consistent, repeatable, and high-value results.” – OptifiNow CEO John McGee

Our Story

Solving the Changing Problem of Sales

OptifiNow launched in 2015 with a single product offering: delivering personalized sales communication via digital print. But our arrival coincided with the explosion of social media offerings. Not only did marketers now have vastly more channels for communicating with their customers, but buyers were becoming better educated about their consumer needs.

The role of the sales force had changed, and so we did, too. We created the OptifiNow sales and management platform to meet the needs of today’s sales teams through simple, user-friendly solutions supported by data and analytics. It’s a solution uniquely able to help you increase both your sales volume and outreach quality.

Sales today is both a science and an art, and OptifiNow exists to help sales organizations leverage the processes, data and structured problem solving needed to succeed in any industry. Whatever your needs, we’re here to meet them.

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OptifiNow is a powerful all-in-one platform that helps enterprise teams easily handle the entire sales cycle – for results you can measure on your bottom line.